If I Could Have Lunch With You

I was recently asked, “if you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?”

I believe they were expecting me to answer with some hunky celebrity,

I paused, although I didn’t need to think about my choice,

As the question set in I swear I heard your voice,

It has been so long and memories fade,

But that sound has always remained,

I simply smiled and said “my Dad”,

It would be a lunch filled with laughs,

You would be so impressed to see how my sense of humor has grown,

Throw all the insults you want, I can finally hold my own,

Yes, I’m still obsessed with history especially WWII,

Unfortunately this is a topic I could only discuss with you,

I intend to force my children to watch Monty Python,

As I feel this now must be a family tradition,

There are so many things I wish I had the chance to say,

Just know that the memory of your laughter gets me through the hard days,

I know eventually one day I will get to “have lunch with you”,

And by then we will have a whole lot of catching up to do

Post Pandemic Funk

Is anyone else feeling this post pandemic “funk”? For a while I thought it was just me but after multiple conversations with others I’m beginning to feel like this is a real thing. 2019 Katelyn had a good thing going. I had a great routine down and was slowly starting to add different things into that routine to truly reach peak boss Momness. Then BAM 2020 happened. Not only did the pandemic hit us all like a ton of bricks but I just so conveniently gave birth to my third child at the end of March. Impeccable timing if I do say so myself!

What I had envisioned for those first few weeks after having the baby was the polar opposite of the cluster f&%! that actually took place. Not only was I stuck in quarantine with 3 little boys but now I have to homeschool?! What is life?! You mean no one can come over and help out with the baby for a few hours? I can’t run to my Mother’s house when I’m about to lose it? Twas a giant nightmare.

I know not everyone had the same experience as I did last year, but we all had some type of experience. From the small field research I’ve done it wasn’t the greatest experience either. Even if you found a groove and began to thrive, now what? Now we’re expected to just….go back? As if nothing ever happened? How do I resume coffee shop meetings when I’ve come so accustomed to Zoom? This is just such a strange time.

During the past year I would sob and pray for this day to come, the day we would see SOME type of “normal”. Now that we’re here I can’t help but feel…..lost. Is it just me? If you’ve read this far I’m just going to assume you can relate, or maybe you just find my trainwreck of a life entertaining. Either way, let’s dive in, shall we?

For the past few months I’ve just been struggling to gain some sort of routine back. Before the pandemic this was so simple for me, I had such a hold on things (I also had one less child). So why is it so hard to fall back into that? Well, I think I’ve figured it out and everyone probably knew this already but here it is, we spent over a year in a chaotic mess. It’s going to take a while to sort through said mess and establish a good system. Many of us fell into some sort of depression during 2020 and are struggling to snap out of that. Sometimes I just want to slap myself back to normal, I know what needs to be done, so why can’t I seem to just do it?

Besides the fact I have added to my clan, I also haven’t been taking care of myself too well either. Because, let’s face it, that’s just another thing to think about, and quite frankly, my brain is over worked, I’m not sure how much more thinking it can handle! Just this past week I’ve decided to start the process of getting my s$!% together. I’m eating better, waking up just a little bit earlier to do some small little workout (and I mean SMALL) and setting aside specific time in the evening to work on my business. This way during the day when the littles are going bonkers I can focus on them and resume my pre-pandemic cleaning schedule (yes, I have a cleaning schedule). Don’t judge OK it’s actually a fantastic idea if you are a SAHM or a working from home Mom and easily get overwhelmed by all of the housework like I do. These are small changes but they are making a big difference. So far, anyways, it is only week one after all so we can check back in a few months to see if I’m still going strong.

I have rambled on to tell you this. If you are in that “funk” and can’t snap out of it, start with your diet. Make some small changes to better your health. Again, I’m not talking about losing weight, I’m talking about health. If you’re not taking any vitamins that’s a fantastic place to start. I also know some amazing woman that has access to the best on the market (wink, wink, me)(shameless plug). Exercise is another great way to get some energy back. I typically LOVE to workout but lately I have had to FORCE myself to do even the simplest of moves, because I just let myself sit in that funk for too long. So I just started with resuming my supplements, then making some healthier changes in my diet, now I’m starting the day with some lunges and jumping jacks, what’s next? Going back to the actual gym? Maybe! Watch out world Momma is making a come back.

Take all of the challenges you have faced over the past year and use it to learn, grow, and come back better than ever before. It’s ok to fall into a funk sometimes, it’s ok to be human and feel feelings, just don’t unpack and live there.

Bliss has been one of my saviors through all of this

For the Lonely Moms on Mother’s Day

If she wants to wake up to a clean house,

She needs to clean it the night before,

If she wants breakfast in bed,

She will need to order and have it delivered to her door,

If she wants a peaceful spa day,

She will need to go on her own,

If she wants a day without the kids,

She will need to hire someone to stay with them at home,

Her children adore her but may be too young to show it,

Be sure to tell these women how amazing they are, as they may not know it

Many of us tend to overlook how lonely this day may be for some amazing Mother’s. Maybe they are single, maybe their significant other is deployed, maybe they have an unappreciative spouse, or maybe they are a widow. Simply be kind and let these women know how amazing they are. Every Mom needs to hear that she is doing a great job.

What Becoming a Freelancing SAHM has taught me

2019 was a pretty significant year for me, although if you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have responded with “I survived”. Now that I’ve had some time to truly reflect on it all I can honestly say it was pretty groundbreaking, I’m calling it my “foundation year”.

This was the first year I did not have a regular 9-5 “job”. I didn’t take this leap on my own, I was forced into it and that had me really feeling overwhelmed at times but I made it. At the beginning of the year I was so unorganized and thinking “what the heck do I do now?!”. There were too many options and avenues I could take and I wasn’t sure which would be best. So I went out and got myself a planner. Sounds silly but it made such a huge difference in how organized I was and helped me to see where I was spending my time.

As most of you know I am a licensed Cosmetologist and was working in a salon before being forced to make the switch to SAHM. I absolutely love doing hair and makeup it is truly a passion of mine that I refuse to give up. So I decided to continue taking clients but instead of at the salon I took them at home or worked on site. I finally grew enough of a spine to start charging appropriately and stop selling myself short. This alone, for any stylist is a huge win. To my surprise, throughout the year I gained quite a few clients, mainly through referrals and now I’m looking into building my own in home salon.

Aside from the beauty industry I also own a product brokerage, network marketing business. A what? Basically I share amazing products with others and get paid for it. What?! Yes, and I also help others to learn how to do the same. While I was working full time and trying so hard to keep my household running I hardly ever had time to truly focus on my business, which I knew was my true ticket out of the rat race. Being home I was able to schedule more time for this as well and the results just keep getting better.

Now what about the actual SAHM part? Well, this has been my favorite. Now I am by NO means a Pinterest mom, I don’t pretend my life is all butterflies and rainbows either. My kids drive me absolutely nuts from time to time but I love the chaos. I love that I am with them enough for them to drive me crazy. I love that I don’t miss them while I’m at “work”. I love that I don’t forget the special events at my sons school and I have the time to prepare for his little class parties. I love having so much one on one time with my two year old and as a result our relationship has blossomed. I have a clean house, all the time, something I never thought was possible but I’ve scheduled time for it and I don’t think I could ever go back. I plan out meals and don’t feel so overwhelmed and anxious about what the heck we are going to eat. I have successfully created and written out a budget to keep us on track. These small things used to cause me such immense stress and over the past year I feel like I’ve finally gotten a hold on it.

Yes there were many rough points throughout the year. Yes we struggled at times, but we got through it. I’ve never felt so in control of my own life before. I make my schedule, I decide what I’m going to get paid that month. I get to watch my kids grow and I can finally be the one to take them to all of the fun family activities that go on during the weekends. Something I was never able to do before because of work. My husband was able to take some more time off on the weekends and we had the best family days. These are the things our kids will remember.

Now that I’m nearing the end of my third pregnancy I feel so at ease that I don’t have to worry about childcare for my 6 week old baby (something I had to arrange for my first 2 boys). I’ve been able to paint baby furniture and truly make this nursery what I want it to be. I’m so in love. In love with my husband, my children, my life. The major goal for this year is to build on this foundation and have my husband home more often with us. I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.

The Pregnancy Survival Guide

So you’ve just peed on a stick and saw two pink lines, yay! Or for some this may be a “holy crap” moment. Whichever way you feel about it, the goal is to make it through these next 9 months as smoothly as possible!

I am currently pregnant with my third child, so let’s just say I know a thing or two about pregnancy. The main thing to get you through this is self care!

It’s All About the Skin

It really is though and I don’t just mean your face. Many of us will start breaking out and your skin all over will become dry and itchy. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you’re using a great body wash/lotion and skin care regimen to begin with! My personal favorites for body wash, exfoliation and body lotion is the Brown Sugar Trio from Royal Spa. The links are below for each. I love these because they are made with shea butter and are extremely moisturizing and leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing. Your basically treating yourself to a spa day at home. The link for each product is below.

Brown Sugar Shower Gel

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Brown Sugar Body Lotion

As far as an actual skincare regimen I am personally obsessed with Skintelligence, however everyone has different needs. To figure out where to even begin take this Skincare Analysis that can help hand pick products that are for you.

Now let’s discuss the ugly topic of stretch marks. No one wants them and everyone fears them but a lot of us will get them no matter what we do. Using lotion daily as I suggested above will help prevent stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated however if you still end up with them it is not the end of the world. Pentaxyl is legit a super scar creme and considering stretch marks are technically scars you can use it on your belly, thighs, etc and get some amazing results! This creme will significantly reduce the appearance and redness of your battle wounds and help restore your confidence at the same time!

All I do is Eat!

No worries love, we all do it’s part of pregnancy, the never ending hunger game. Realistically we only need an additional 300 calories per day. This is far easier said than done! Although it’s important to try and eat as healthy as possible, should you really deny yourself those cravings? NO! Just don’t go crazy. For example if I’m really craving a Jr. Bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s I’m going to go get it, however I’m pregnant so chances are one is NOT going to fill me up so now what? Do I get two? Maybe some fries? No, I get a half salad with it. So I’m satisfying my craving, filling my belly and not going down a 3 burger and fries rabbit hole.

Also make sure you are drinking TONS of water! This is crucial and will help with headaches, dizziness, and keeping your skin hydrated!

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Yes girl, I get it. Creating another human is completely exhausting. Make sure you are taking the best prenatal to help with energy levels! The Isotonix Prenatal is my favorite fo MANY reasons, the main one being you drink it, there is no horse pill to swallow and your body doesn’t have to break it down and digest it. Also you literally absorb everything that is listed on the label! Why is this significant? Well with your OTC vitamins you only absorb about 0-10% of what is listed and with prescription vitamins that number is around 30%. Isotonix is as close to a straight IV of supplementation that you can get. An additional supplement you should be taking is Omega III. This is amazing for your baby and their brain development! These DO come in a capsule however so be sure to take them after a meal. Your baby and body will thank you!

Now let’s touch on morning sickness shall we? Some of us will fair pretty well in this category while others will suffer immensely. I’ve visited both sides. It is worth noting that certain B vitamins actually help relieve morning sickness, if you are really suffering I would recommend taking an Activated B Complex daily. Another trick I have learned is making sure everything you eat is digested properly. The less that is sitting around in your stomach the better your chances of not puking all morning. I take Digestive Enzymes daily after my meals to help with the digestion process and ward off heart burn, nausea, and that obnoxious bloat feeling we always get.

Nothing Fits Me!

Last but not least, maternity clothes! Can someone explain to me why anything with the word “maternity” or “bridal” on it is outrageously expensive? They know you need it that’s why *insert major eye roll here*. Well I am huge (pun intended) on finding a deal and refuse to spend $50+ for one pair of maternity leggings that will only fit for a few months. So I did a bit of research through my Shop site and found some great deals! I was pleasantly surprised at some of the sale items that Macy’s had to offer but nothing was as impressive as Boohoo.com. Seriously though I bought 2 pairs of leggings, one sweat suit, one pair of jeans and one nice top. With taxes AND shipping I paid a total of $68 now THAT’S a steal ladies! This company is out of the UK so I was a little nervous on shipping time and quality because of the low price but I received my order in exactly one week and every piece has fit amazing and exceeded all of my expectations. Also if you search their site through my Shop site you will receive cashback on your purchase! What could be better?!

All in all I hope this little guide helps to make your pregnancy a lot more enjoyable! If you happen to have any other tips or deals on maternity clothes feel free to comment them below! Happy waddling prego’s!

How Many Problems Does your Gut Cause?

I would like to start off by stating, I am NOT a Doctor, and I do NOT have a medical degree. The knowledge I am going to share with you, however, I have learned from many product trainings taught by Doctors. I have also done additional research to back up these facts. Feel free to double check anything in this article for yourself!

Before I started my journey with Market America I truly knew nothing when it came to general health and nutrition, never mind supplementation and preventive wellness. Honestly though, why are we all in the dark about this subject? Isn’t this information imperative for us to know? It’s our right to know if you ask me. However I digress, gut health is truly the foundation to our overall health. Our gut affects our entire body, from our skin to our mood and it even has affects on anxiety and depression.

Your gut is packed with nerve endings that communicate with the brain. Studies have suggested the link between gut health and disorders of the central nervous system such as anxiety, depression and even autism.

How many of us suffer from food sensitivities such as lactose and gluten? Did you know this is simply because your digestive tract isn’t up to par? Your body is not breaking everything down and digesting correctly, most likely due to an offset of bacteria in your gut. Many of us know this, however many of us do not realize there are natural solutions.

Some of us suffer from serious skin issues and can never seem to find the solution, even after trying every skincare routine imaginable. In most cases these issues stem from the inside. Gut health has a great impact on your skin, as well as hormonal imbalances. If you are having issues with your skin you need to really dig deep into your overall health to figure out the root of the problem.

Heartburn, indigestion, IBS and other uncomfortable issues do not need to be accepted as “life” and can all be helped with some supplementation as well.

There are three products that can help all of these issues, one being Isotonix Digestive Enzymes, Ultimate Aloe, and Probiotics 10. The Digestive Enzymes have probiotics in them and are one of my favorite products. If you are lactose intolerant or have IBS, gluten sensitivities, etc these should be what you reach for. The relief is immediate and was a complete God send during my second pregnancy (I had TERRIBLE heartburn). Aloe I tend to suggest along with the enzymes if the enzymes alone are not quite enough. The Probiotics 10 is something everyone should be on honestly, to maintain a healthy gut! We even have similar products for children in our DNA Miracles line!

You can find these products here:

Digestive Enzymes

Ultimate Aloe

Probiotics 10

DNA Miracles Children’s Supplements

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions as well!

A Balancing Act: Life with Multiple Children

I’ve read many articles pertaining to this subject, however most of them are based upon the fear we have when pregnant with our second child. Will we love them as much as our first? The answer is always the same, yes, you absolutely will.

Something I hardly ever see, is the day to day life with multiple children and actually raising them. I also went through the emotions of worry and fear that I couldn’t possibly love my second born as much as my first. However after bringing him home I quickly realized there is no competition you simply love both of them with everything you have. Love is the constant here, however your personal relationship will vary with each child.

This, I find, is the most difficult part. Each child has different interests and needs. Each child handles situations differently and develops differently. Our job as a parent is to nurture that the best we can. When you only have one child this is a walk in the park, you can focus 100% on them. When you have multiple children you need to find balance.

Time together as a family is always important. Time alone as a couple is also important. However do we ever stop to think about our time with our children individually? This is also extremely important. I’ve had many discussions with my husband about having separate outings with the boys. He can take our oldest to a movie while I do something with our youngest. Another day he can take our youngest to do something he enjoys while I spend one on one time with our oldest doing something he wants. The boys are completely different and I want them to each have a chance to be our sole focus. It is extremely important to truly get to know your children as individuals instead of looking at them as a collective.

Many times when my boys are misbehaving it’s simply a battle for attention. Who can scream the loudest? Who can annoy Mommy the most? The jury is still out on that one. Considering I am mainly alone with my little minions it can be difficult to have separate time, so I look for little pockets in the day to do so. For example, my youngest takes a nap everyday, during his nap time I do something one on one with my oldest, which can be as simple as making a puzzle. The main importance is that we do it together and it is always his choice on which activity we do. My youngest also goes to a playgroup once a week for a couple of hours, which he absolutely loves, as well as my oldest because that means we do something together. When my oldest is in school I have some serious play time with my mini minion. Even if the boys are in separate rooms I will go hang out with them individually for a while before bringing them to do something together.

By starting these habits while your children are still very young and continuing them into the years that they want nothing to do with you, you will create a solid relationship with them. Now when something is bothering them they are going to feel comfortable seeking advice and opening up to discuss the hard stuff.

As a child, I was able to have one on one time with each of my parents and as a result I had an amazing relationship with each of them. If you had asked me which parent I was closer to as a kid I wouldn’t have been able to answer that. I had a different relationship with them but the love was the same, the love was the constant. I model much of my parenting style after my own parents. I honestly feel like they had a handbook or something telling them what to do because they did such a fantastic job. I mean, honestly, look at how I turned out?

Although love is extremely important, quality time is right there with it. One of the main reasons I started my business was simply to have more time with my family and I’m so thankful to have this opportunity. Take the time with your children, no matter how busy you are, make time a priority.

Who is She?

So who is Katelyn Mathurin anyways? Well I cannot be that exciting considering it hadn’t crossed my mind to even write up an “About Me” until I saw all of the cool bloggers doing it. And, for the record, I definitely want to be a “cool blogger” (insert sunglasses wearing emoji here).

My background is pretty average, just the right amount of trauma to shape me as a person but not too much to put me over the edge. I was born on October 10, 1990 to two amazing parents living in a small town. We were not a rich family, I wouldn’t even have considered us “well off” but we had everything we needed and we were still able to go camping and do fun things of that sort. I still to this day have never been to Disney, but just so you know, parents, if you cannot afford such a trip you are NOT damaging your child. I never cared about that, I had fun on our family trips, wherever we went.

I started writing as soon as I could, really. I started with stories, I’m creative and I like to talk so writing is a great outlet for me and has been since I was about 7. Once I lost my Father I was no longer interested in writing fictional stories, I started writing poetry instead. I really found my niche with poetry, if I’m feeling overly emotional the words just flow, this can be happy or sad. I will create another page to share some pieces I have written over the years. Just promise to keep your judgey mcjudge judge comments to yourself because some of these pieces were written years ago.

School days, for me, were just fine until I reached 7th grade where I was bullied. By bullied I mean to the point where I was followed and harassed at the mall. These were some really tough years for me, I had recently lost my Father and now I’m being harassed, fabulous! Writing was a major outlet for me then as well. As I got into high school I had simply had enough and started standing my ground. That is all it took for everyone to scurry away, they still talked about me, sure, but I was no longer being followed and harassed so I really didn’t care. I barely scraped by in high school. My only interests were my language and history classes. I LOVE history and have goals to be multi-lingual. I knew I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to go to cosmetology school, so I just did the minimum. My Mother hated me for that, she wanted me to be a writer instead. LOOK AT ME NOW MOM. Writing and whatnot. Also, for the record, I’m a fantastic hairstylist and extremely passionate about what I do.

Not only did I write when I was younger, but I also used to sit in front of my mirror teaching myself different braiding styles for hours. Who said you can only have one passion? There are so many things I would consider myself passionate about, and don’t you worry world, I plan to touch on all of them one blog post at a time.

I met my husband when I was 22 at a night club. I had recently left a 3 year relationship and didn’t even want to go out. It was my friends birthday, however, so I felt a slight obligation to go. I saw him first, he was literally tall, dark, and handsome, so I just purposely put myself in front of him until a conversation happened. I remember thinking “well this guy will definitely make my ex jealous”. It worked but jokes on me because I fell for him while trying to use him as a rebound. I was shocked to find out he was employed and had his own vehicle, I assumed anyone you meet at a club is definitely not a winner, but he was a winner alright. We hadn’t been together very long when I found out I was pregnant with our first son and I was terrified of being left. However when I told him the news he just said “OK, well we need to start saving money now”. He really showed his true colors during that pregnancy, he would make sure I had healthy food to eat, he went to every doctors appointment with me and worked his butt off (as did I) so we could get our own apartment together. On our sons first birthday he proposed and the rest is history.

I’m a goofball equipped with wit and sarcasm. I am the friend that you’re telling to be quiet because I’m embarrassing you. Don’t tell me that though, because you will make it worse for yourself. If you’re looking for a quiet person, hang out with my husband instead. My Father was the same way, and lucky for my Mother, both my brother and I have the same personality. My Mother is the normal one in the family, which is great, every family needs at least one normal person.

I now have two boys, ages 5 and 2, they make me and break me every single day. They both somehow ended up with my crazy goofy personality. All I can say about that is, you’re welcome. As much as they drive me nuts, I love my boys and I love being a Mom, it is one of my greatest accomplishments. I can’t wait until they start bringing girls home and I can tell them all of the embarrassing stories I have been stockpiling. They are only 5 and 2 and I have quite the arsenal.

I suppose I am a “stay at home mom” however I run an online business and I am a freelance hairstylist. Basically I’m a boss *finger guns*. I am truly blessed to live the life I do with the family that I have. It is important to remember that happiness does not come from material items or others approval. March to the beat of your own drum, always.

An Open Letter to My Father

This letter is not for pity or sympathy, this letter is not to bash my Father, either. This is simply a letter of honor. Anyone that has lost a parent with whom they had a close relationship with can relate when I state this: time does not heal all. It has been 16 1/2 years since I stood by your side refusing to say goodbye because I was SURE that you were coming home with us. 16 1/2 years I’ve held on to the regret of that choice. I was 12 years old and extremely optimistic, surely I couldn’t lose my Father, I needed him.

Now that I am an adult, Dad there’s so many things I want to say to you. First off, I want to thank you. You were the most positive human being I have ever met. That optimism and positive outlook on things has carried on to myself and it is one of my favorite traits. You showed me resilience and you showed me how to laugh at myself. Throughout many parts of my childhood you were suffering and struggling to fight your condition and I had no idea. I truly thought it wasn’t that bad and didn’t effect your life too much. You never complained, and you tried so hard to take good care of yourself to improve your quality of life. I want you to know that those little things were noticed, those small actions set a huge example for my own life.

I don’t think I will ever move on from the fact that you never got to meet my children. They hold those Johnston genes for sure. The boys both love music and I can’t help but think of our own car concerts or you playing your heart out on the drums. I playfully torture and annoy them just as you did to us, I know you would be SO proud of some of the shenanigans I have come up with. I must say combining your humor and moms clever ingenuity has created a monster of wit and creative punchlines.

I know you would have been the ultimate Grandpa because you were the ultimate Father. I’ve been without you for longer than I was with you, however those memories are still so fresh. The advice you gave me still applies to my adult life, the way you answered the tough questions is what I use to navigate when I’m asked those same questions. The way you treated my Mother is the example I used when looking for my own Husband.

There are moments I just feel your presence, as if you are right in the room with me. I still have dreams that you are still alive and your death was simply a nightmare. Then I wake up and reality smacks me in the face once again.

There is not one single day that passes that I don’t think about you at least once. Time does not heal all, I will miss you until the day I meet with you again. By then I promise I will have some GREAT stories.

Thank you for being my Dad.

Love, your little girl

My Father suffered from Sarcoidosis of the lungs. He was diagnosed before I was even thought of, so I never knew him any other way. He caught a pneumonia in early December 2002, was hospitalized for 9 days and passed on December 10, 2002.

Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom

This is a topic that gets discussed often and, for some reason, has some type of negative stigma attached to both sides of the coin. Well, I am a mother that has officially lived on both sides.

Before ever having children I couldn’t imagine simply “staying home” with them, I mean why must I give up my own dreams just because I’ve had a child? Although my views are much different now I still agree with my past self in the sense that we shouldn’t lose sight of ourselves simply because we have become a mother.

As a child, both of my parents worked full time. My parents would not be the chaperones on our school field trips and they would not be dropping us off and picking us up. Sometimes this really bothered me but I understood that reality was my parents had to work to support our household. However, when my Father passed away I was 12 years old, my brother was 15, if my Mother had been a stay at home Mom what would our future have looked like? I think about this often and admire the strength and intelligence my Mother showed during those tragic moments. After my Father passed I always promised myself I would never fully depend on someone else because you don’t know what the future holds, what if you need to be your own plan B?

When I gave birth to my first child I did not have a choice but to go back to work and place him in daycare at 6 weeks. The judgement and unwanted comments I received for that was obnoxious. Is it really anyone’s business? I was providing for, and raising my child the best I knew how. Still I heard things like “I would NEVER put MY child in daycare, I don’t trust ANYONE” *insert eye roll here*. For the record, I adored the daycare center I chose. In fact, my first son stayed there until he was 4 and my second son went until he was 10 months old. At that time I made the decision to try a babysitter for financial reasons.

Working Mother’s are precisely this, WORKING Mother’s. Man do we WORK, and work, and work, and, you guessed it, work. Working full time, or even part time for that matter then coming home and making dinner, running baths, packing lunches, etc. is insanity. It’s really tough to be a working Mother, it’s tough to be a Mother at all never mind being pulled in 6 different directions on a daily basis. If you have the privilege to be with your children more and you don’t have to hold down a typical 9-5 to make ends meet then that is fantastic. PLEASE stop criticizing women who work, or women who choose to put their child in daycare, I can guarantee they already feel guilty without your help.

After about 6 months of my children being in the care of a babysitter all came to an end. It simply wasn’t working out, trying to accommodate each other’s schedules was crazy and I was never with my children. Giving up my new salon was really heartbreaking at first. Being a hairstylist is a huge passion of mine and I was finally building a career. However, my family will always be my first priority and at this point I was meant to be with my children.

There are so many ups and downs to being a SAHM I don’t even know where to begin. For one I just want to say I absolutely love being a SAHM, I’m not going to lie, making my own schedule and building my own routines is truly what life is about. I still run a business and I freelance as a hairstylist, and this gives me an amazing sense of fulfillment and independence. However there are some cons, of course. When I first started this journey I truly didn’t have much of my own income and that was extremely tough for me. This may not matter to many SAHM’s but for me it REALLY hurt, I get so anxious when I feel dependent on someone, even if that someone is my life partner. Besides that let’s breakdown a day in the life of a SAHM, shall we?

We are the first ones to awake and the last to go to sleep. We prepare the meals, clean the dishes, mop the floors, bathe the children, help with homework, set appointments, make sure we show up to said appointments….are you starting to get the point? You know what is fantastic about a regular 9-5? You basically know what the day is going to look like, you are familiar with your workload, you know what time your breaks are and you know what time you CLOCK OUT and go home. SAHM’s are not allowed to clock out. There is no clock. There is just children, chaos, tears, fighting, screaming, an occasional nap, some snuggles, maybe a trip to the park? Maybe a run to Target? We have no idea until we wake up and dive in. Will my 2 year old hide in the dishwasher today? Will my 5 year old say the “F” word? One never knows.

Most SAHM’s feel this overwhelming pressure to have an immaculately kept house. This would be a piece of cake if the kids weren’t home with you at the same time. Most SAHM’s also feel like we must do endless educational activities with our children all day long and prepare the healthiest of meals for their little growing bodies. However, reality is that somedays are a Pinterest fairytale and others will look like a “nailed it!” photo. Balance ladies, balance. Most SAHM’s will also have a difficult time admitting they struggle with depression and loneliness. Being alone with your children all of the time can be very daunting to the adult mind state. Anyone struggling with this please don’t be ashamed to speak up! You ARE important and so is your physical/mental health!

My point in saying all of this is simple. There is no competition, no matter how you parent, being a parent is hard as a Mother. Please stop comparing yourselves, pointing fingers and making rude comments. We are all Mothers, we are doing our best and we have no idea what others are dealing with. Be kind.